Online Guitar Lesson

I have an online guitar lesson. I talk in English. Basically I use Zoom. I’ve been teaching for more than ten years, so I could give you some advice when it comes to acoustic guitar. Though lesson time is limited, I really love to be friends with students. We will talk on a daily basis. Please feel free to talk to me. Once you join my lesson, I will make efforts to lead you to the next level. Please give me a message from the form! (Or please DM me through Instagram)

I only have one course below. Please check it out.

60min x2 /month

$100 (Please pay through Paypal)

I don’t have a trial lesson, so our first lesson would be 90min.


60分 ×2 / 月

10,800円(税込) お支払いはPaypay, Line Pay, メルペイなどキャッシュレス決済サービスにてお願いします。



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